The Brickyard is a masonry products distribution firm located in Greater Cleveland – in beautiful Sheffield Village. Our focus is to assist specifying architects, developers, contractors and building owners in smartly selecting the proper masonry assembly that is unique to their individual project. Because we are one of the largest brick distributors in America, we offer our clients nearly 800 selections, and we stock 125 different types of brick and stone ready to be distributed through our network for your project.

Our expert team of knowledgeable brick designers assists leading building professionals throughout Ohio in selecting the perfect combination of strength, style, color and texture – plus all the accessories necessary to customize your perfect project, building or future landmark.

And, our clients don’t need to imagine what their project will look like. In addition to our visual and experiential displays, we have a state of the art computer imaging system that displays varying selections. We can even teach clients to operate the system in just a few minutes. When completed, our clients have a color printout of their project, along with a listing of the brick, roof, and trim color selections – all saving our clients time and money, and giving them a leg up on their competition.

Still want to see our amazing brick on a real project? No problem at all as we have an incredible database of more than 5,000 brick assemblies in Northern Ohio alone, and we can give you directions right to it, or you can review our gallery page to experience the beauty and strength of our brick for yourself. Visit our showroom or simply schedule an in person meeting with one of our experts today, and we’ll bring the experience, expertise and showroom right to you.

The Brickyard president Jillian Riddell explains how brick can be used for timeless applications.