Old Carolina® Brick has preserved this ancient art of making brick by hand. They have modernized and automated the operation, but have kept the process of throwing the clay by hand into wooden molds. Our skilled mud throwers form a clump of clay into a wedge shape, roll it in the sand, and drop it into a wooden mold. This hand molding operation imparts distinctive folds, finger marks, and other surface irregularities which make each brick individually and uniquely characterized.

Low Country

Lime Coated


Clean Water and Medium Bristle Brush Only (No Acid and No Pressure Wash)

Jefferson College

Red Brick


  • 600 Detergent -Sure Klean Co.
  • 202 Detergent -Diedrich Technologies

St. Michaels

Managnese Brick


  • Vana Trol – Sure Klean Co.
  • 202V – Diedrich Technologies